It’s been a year since the last update I did say it is a project that is going to take a long time. Anyhow the Alan Gibson kit LNER F4/5 2-4-2 ( affectionately known as Gobblers )  in EM gauge assembled very nicely without any hitches using Carrs 188 solder. Having said that it’s amazing what small faults digital photography will pick up with the assembly. I will try to fix that up. Sprat & Winkle couplings I would appreciate feedback on these as I am thinking of using them.

I hope it’s not another year until the next update

DSCF2095 (1280x960)

DSCF2101 (1280x855)

DSCF2100 (1280x1007)

DSCF2104 (1280x960)


DSCF2102 (1280x811)



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PDK Models GE/LNER J17

The last locomotive to be built is the PDK J17 0-6-0 goods in good old black livery,no nice apple green here I’m afraid. It’s EM with Markits wheels as mentioned before. This one has been built with a rigid chassis and assembled quite well care was taken to get everything nice and square and Carrs 188 solder was used throughout. Now all that’s needed is a bit of detailing, transfers and weathering. Couplings are the next decision. I think I will go for 3 link unless convinced otherwise.


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Capel St Edmund

It is my intention over the next few years or so to build a Great Eastern layout in L.N.E.R days in the mid to late 1930’s. The layouts location will be a cross country line in Suffolk.
I have over the last few years built a few locomotives J15 0-6-0 E4 2-4-0 F5 2-4-2T Alan Gibson kits as well as J17 0-6-0 PDK kit and last but not least a J69 0-6-0T  all to EM gauge with Markits wheels. The gearboxes are Branchlines with 1224 Mashima can motors and all run very smoothly.

The Passenger rolling stock are D&S etched kits which have yet to be built.

The goods rollingstock is varied with a mixture of D&S, Parkside Dundas and ready to run Dapol private owner wagons which will be modified. They are all wagons and vans that were used in that area with a few from the LMS and GC thrown in. All with Alan Gibson EM wheel sets.

As this is a long term project, postings will appear when I have done something new.


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